Comment from 澁谷 洋介氏

賞をいただきましたことで、多くの企業さまに関心を持っていただくことができました。ありがとうございました。登壇させていただいただけでは、このようにはならなかったと思います。折角いただきました貴重なチャンスですので、大きく羽ばたいていきたいと思います。 本当にありがとうございました。

2016 I’m IN FinPitch

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I’m IN is a new way of collecting money using SNS based on the concept, “Make your life more exciting!”. I’m IN allows a group of friends to use an SNS to collaborate in formulating a plan and then fund the plan together using credit card payments. Want to pool funds to buy someone a special birthday present or collect money to cover party food and venue costs? I’m IN makes it easy! Setting up a collection is free and takes as little as three minutes. Participants can pay from anywhere at any time and information such as guest lists and total contributions can be viewed onscreen at a glance.



After graduating from high school, I worked at a major PC retailer designing and building specialized computers used for music production. I then worked at advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather Group for eight years as a system engineer, producer, and planner. After that, I moved to golf equipment maker TaylorMade Golf, where, as e-commerce manager, I gained the experience and connections that gave me insight into how major corporations conduct online marketing in Japan and overseas. Based on this knowledge and experience, I created I’m IN.

澁谷 洋介 代表取締役兼CEO


『I’m IN』