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Very grateful for the opportunity!

Thank you again for the invitation.

It was a very valuable experience and event for me.

2016 Shift Payment FinPitch

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Shift issues Visa cards to make it easy for consumers to spend any “store of value” at any Visa merchant. A Shift Card serves as an access device to spend any store of value (eg: e-wallets, bitcoin, loyalty points, etc). Users present the Shift Card for payment, and money in their e-wallet account, bitcoin wallet, loyalty point account, etc is used to fund the transaction. Shift recently launched the first US bitcoin debit card, empowering Coinbase users to spend bitcoin at any VISA merchant.

Meg Nakamura
Meg started her career at Promontory Financial Group. At Promontory, Meg specialized in risk and compliance reporting and anti-money laundering programs. In 2009, Meg co-founded 3taps, a company that aggregates all the postings on the web. In 2010, Meg and her business partner, Greg Kidd, started investing in early stage companies. To date, they have invested in approximately 60 companies, many of which are payments companies. In late 2013, Meg and Greg created a prototype for what eventually became the Shift Card. They, with their co-founder, Eugene Otto, applied to Y Combinator and completed the program in August 2014.

『Shift Payments』

Shift Financial, Inc.