The first #PayWhenYouDrive permanent car insurance, 100% on smartphone




WILOV is the 1st pay when you drive, drive as much as you want, car insurance.
You get a quote in 1 minute, subscribe on your smartphone in less than 10 minutes (via visio), receive a small connected device that you install in your car in 1 minute, and then pay for your insurance depending on your usage. We offer one contract, simple & transparent: from 15€/month + 1€/day, your car is insured at all times, with unlimited km per day, full coverage, 0 km assistance, and you can cancel your policy at any time.


Philippe Breuils
Before co-founding wilov, Philippe worked for 15 years in the telecom and media industries.
During those years, he held senior management positions and lead several innovation-driven projects. For instance, he designed an Internet residential gateway from scratch, created a real-time algorithm to mitigate fraud on mobile networks in real-time, and more recently got involved in the Internet of Things ecosystem. When he’s not hacking his Raspberry Pi’s, Philippe enjoys flying planes.
Philippe Breuils holds an MSc from Télécom ParisTech.

PhilippeはWilovを起業する以前、15年に渡りテレコム等のメディア業界に従事。それらの間、Philippeはシニアマネジメント職に就き、複数のイノベーティブなプロジェクトをリードした経験を持つ。例えば、Philippeは加入者宅のインターネットゲートウェイを一から開発し、モバイルネットワークにおける詐欺を軽減するリアルタイムアルゴリズムを開発。最近はIoTのエコシステムに、より一層携わっている。PhilippeはRaspberry Pi’sでプログラミングを行なう傍ら、世界各国でビジネスを行なっている。PhilippeはTélécom ParisTech大学 のMScの学位を保持している。