2016 FundlinQ FinPitch

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FundlinQ is expected to fix huge gaps between SMEs and Financial Providers. It helps both parties to communicate effectively for the purpose of fundraising. It is said to take several weeks until Finance Providers make a decision as SMEs’s response to them hardly satisfy their requirements to assess credit information. FundlinQ which can detect cash demands will be ready for a loan request button in the screen. When that is clicked, the request will be sent to Finance Providers with credit information for assessment. It will not only mitigate their risks but also save cost and time.


Makoto Fukuhara  CEO/Co-founder

My job experience started in financial industry sector at IBM Japan as a sale staff. My overseas assignment which started in 2000 in London gave me a turning point to change my mind set. That helped me form the shape of openness and globalization.

My skill sets and knowledge that have been developed based on global and financial IT businesses for years forced me to be an entrepreneur in London as I identified something ideal or disruptive which I though would change the existing model. That’s the starting point of taking a role of entrepreneur. At that moment I didn’t know the term of “FinTech”.

Makoto Fukuhara CEO/Co-founder


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