2016 Invesgate FinPitch

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Mobile Trading Platform

Utilizing the 3 biggest mobile app platform, Finatext is looking to launch a mobile trading platform “invesgate”.



Ryota Hayashi
Ryota started his career in Duetsche Bank London, with focus on Equity products covering London/ whole Continental Europe region. Ryota joined Singapore/Japan/London based Hedge Fundes, GCI Group and later founded mobile focus financial solution fintech startup Finatext in 2014, which now is running three mobile investment and learning platforms in Japan. “Asukabu”, the biggest mobile stock. “KaruFX”, the biggest fx app in Japan, and also “Fundect” the first mobile SNS mutual funds app partnering with the biggest bank in Japan. Ryota has B.S in Economics at the University of Tokyo and is native in English, Mandarin, and Japanese.

 良太氏 CEO & Co-Founder

08年東京大学経済卒業、日本人初のドイツ銀行ロンドン現地新卒採用で株式の機関投資家営業でロンドン担当とヨーロッパ全域の統括を経験した後、シンガポール/日本のヘッジファンドへ参画。その後、 モバイル金融サービスに特化したFintech StartupであるFinatextを2014年に創業。日本最大株アプリ「あすかぶ!」、日本最大のFXアプリ「かるFX」、そして世界発のモバイル投信SNSである「 Fundect」を運営している。

Finatext Ltd.

Invesgate 「かるFX