2016 Kabuto-yohou FinPitch

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Kabutoyohou is offering the investment opportunity information for same day traders based on the time-lag between when information is released and the stock price stabilizes. The time-lag is with large companies like Toyota is about 5 minutes which is too short and useless. A good range of 1-2 hours in available with small/mid-cap companies. It works very well for TSE for achieving forecast accuracy of 81% in Dec. 2015, and has potential.


Shirabe Ogino CEO

After developing new businesses at SONY, Shirabe Ogino stepped into the financial industry, making investments to Silicon Valley companies and executed over IPO deals, while at Sumitomo and Itochu’s VC vehicle. On 2011, Shirabe joined GREE, Inc., mega mobile game company, to head business development div. and its subsidiaries. In 2015, Shirabe left GREE to found ZAISAN Net, Inc. Harvard University M.S., Univ. of Tokyo Ph.D.

荻野 調 代表取締役社長


ZAISAN Net, Inc.