2016 mijin FinPitch

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mijin is the private / permissioned blockchain platform that allows you to build a p2p blockchain network either on cloud servers or any private network.  mijin brings you “zero-downtime”, “high-security”, and “drastic cost reduction”.  mijin’s ledger engine can be used for various applications such as banking software, online games, or user authentication.



After graduating from high school, I worked at a major PC retailer designing and building specialized computers used for music production. I then worked at advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather Group for eight years as a system engineer, producer, and planner. After that, I moved to golf equipment maker TaylorMade Golf, where, as e-commerce manager, I gained the experience and connections that gave me insight into how major corporations conduct online marketing in Japan and overseas. Based on this knowledge and experience, I created I’m IN.

朝山 貴生 代表取締役


Tech Bureau, Corp.