2016 Moneytree FinPitch

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Moneytree’s proprietary data aggregation platform, MT LINK, acquires data from over 99% of Japanese banks, credit cards, digital money and loyalty programs; powering a suite of personal finance and small business apps. MT LINK also serves as an API allowing individuals to share their financial data with select service partners.


Mark Makdad Founder & Head of MT LINK

Mark hails from Illinois and began his professional career in Japan at a recruiting company. As a founder, Mark’s core responsibility is bringing Moneytree’s proprietary data aggregation service API, MT LINK, to Japanese customers.

Mark Makdad 取締役 兼 MT LINK開発責任者

イリノイ大学卒業後来日し、リクルーターとしてキャリアをスタート。その後、Moneytreeの創業メンバーとして参画。企業向け独自データアグリゲーションインフラサービス「MT LINK」の開発責任を担当。

Moneytree KK

ファイナンスデータのクラウドサービス「MT LINK