2016 Payming FinPitch

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Offer the world’s first payment system that empowers unbanked workers to tap into their earned pay. There are still substantial number of people who don’t have a bank account. Many of them live paycheck to paycheck, so that their cash flow is tight. When unexpected cash needs arise, some of them borrow money at higher rates because they are excluded from official financial services due to lack of bank account. We provide these unbanked workers with new settlement service that enables them to pay by their earned salary “Payming”. Our HR-Attendance-Payroll management system calculates and verifies how much they earned from work, so that as long as they work, they can access to their pay on a timely basis.


Hiromitsu Kuwahara CEO

・19-year of Marketing experience in an oil company

・Made up my mind to be an entrepreneur because I realized that I want to “live without regret” when I encountered the Great East Japan Earthquake

・Joined KizunaJapan Co., Ltd., a company that offers the Japan’s first cloud-based HR-Payroll system with the objective of revolutionizing the way of work (2014)

lFounded Doreming Asia Co., Ltd. that was spun off from KizunaJapan for new project development in the world (2015)

桑原 広 代表取締役



2014年 日本で初めて勤怠管理システムをクラウドで提供、働き方の革新を目指すキズナジャパン株式会社に入社

2015年 世界展開プロジェクトとして、ドレミングアジア株式会社をスピンオフにて創業