2016 Staple FinPitch

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Staple, our focus product, is an expense management application that makes it easy for users to enter, manage, and track expenses at anytime, anywhere and on any devices (iOS/Android & PC/Mac).


Takashi Hosikawa CEO

Takashi founded Crowd Cast, Ltd. in 2011. He worked at Microsoft and DEC for more than 12 years after living in London. He also worked in an engineering & management role in R&D as well as in the service department for several products such as Exchange and SQL Server. Takashi holds an MBA from Aoyama Business School, 2011.

星川 高志 代表取締役

DEC (現HP) およびMicrosoftにおいて、新規事業の立ち上げ、米国本社直属の開発部門、同社初となる法人向けモバイルアプリ検証部門をリード。オフショア開発のマネジメントを経験後、SQL Serverの開発部門を統括。2009年 青山学院大学大学院 国際マネジメント研究科入学。2011年 同大学院卒業 経営管理修士 (MBA)。1972年生まれ、英国留学経験あり。

Crowd Cast, Ltd