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With format-oriented approach, we provide hand writing recognition application for various paper documents, converting to digital data, and utilizing those information for business management, using our original input-output programs suitable with each company’s enterprise system. There are so many paper format documents in financial business, it bothers productivity, security, and causes huge operational cost. Started our company 18 months ago, our product “Intelligent OCR with AI” has already applied to many formats, successfully recognize those paper information to digital data. Having several big business clients, we propose our solutions to wide-ranged financial institutions in 2017.


 Taku Toguchi CEO

CEO, AI inside Corporation. Started research and development on artificial intelligence from 2004. Since then, has continued research and development of artificial intelligence for over 10 years, did business development and strengthend of financial capability, founded the company in 2015. Took patents below;
“Character recognition technology with machine learning, utilizing both image recognition and natural language processing
“Communication technology, encrypting information data anonymously”,
“Virtual personality generation and recommendation technology from anonymous information”
” Encryption technology using image processing ”

渡久地 択 代表取締役 CEO

AI inside株式会社代表取締役CEO。2004年より人工知能の研究開発をはじめる。以来10年以上にわたって継続的な人工知能の研究開発とビジネス化・資金力強化を行い、2015年同社を創業。

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