APS Card

Smart display cards with enhanced security features


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The APS card is providing fundamental fraud protection, preventing card issuers from monetary and reputational damages as well as users form lost money and data. We have EMV chip certification and very well established supply chain that facilitates competitive pricing. The card is equipped with innovative security features and mobile app enables adjust the settings.
APS Card is activated only when it is connected to Mobile App and its true owner’s fingerprint or password is authenticatedwithin specified distance. Also, it adopts an OTP method for CVC (card validation code),which changes every timethe card is activated.


Veranika Ramanouskaya Sales Director
Veranika is an energetic and active entrepreneur and expert in marketing and sales. In addition to founding Linkage Business, a consulting firm that facilitates business trade between Western Europe and CIS states, shehas launched video production business, that operates under the Cupofmovie trademark.
Today, Veranikaleads the Sales & Marketing of APSS.A, prominent FinTech in Luxembourg.
She holds a MasterDegree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Luxembourg and a Bachelor in Business Administration from Saxion Hogeschool in the Netherlands.
Veranika speaks 5 languages, passionate about entrepreneurship and loves travelling.

現在はAPS S.Aのマーケティングセールスとしてルクセンブルグに於いて躍進的なFinTechサービスを牽引する。
ルクセンブルグ大学でEntrepreneurship and Innovationの修士・オランダSaxion Hogeschoolに於いて経営学士を取得。