A cloud service for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect


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Authlete is a cloud service providing implementations of OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. Using Authlete, developers can implement a secure, multi-functional and scalable authorization server/OpenID provider. Authlete focuses on authorization and it can be combined with any authentication technologies.

OAuth 2.0とOpenID Connectの実装を提供するクラウドサービスです。セキュアで高機能かつスケーラブルな認可サーバー/OpenIDプロバイダーの実装を可能にします。認可に特化しているため、どのような認証技術とも組み合わせることができます。

Ali Adnan Director
Born and raised in Japan, Ali is a British citizen who comes from a multicultural background and speaks several languages. Ali started his career with Mitsubishi in 1987 designing telecommunications infrastructure for emerging markets worldwide.
Ali has led high-tech European start-ups in cutting-edge mobile technology and in 2012, founded a multimedia company that was acquired by a Japanese PLC.
Today, Ali is a director of Authlete, a provider of OAuth implementation that assists global online-service-providers in industries including Finance, Healthcare, and IoT.
Ali brings people together from varied backgrounds and provides extensive experience in International-Business, Equity-Finance and Executive-Management.


Authlete, Inc.