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Call Levels provides financial markets price monitoring and real-time alerts with more than 200,000 users from over 100 countries based in key global financial markets.
On the institutional level, Call Levels offer open API monitoring system that can easily be integrated with any third-party platforms used by financial institutions. Call Levels aims to service individual users or clients of financial institutions via multiple channels such as ChatBots (Facebook Messenger, LINE), Apps, Websites, Microsoft Excel etc. No matter what platform users use, they will enjoy:
-reliable & immediate notifications when market opportunities arise
-round-the-clock monitoring and alert functions anytime, anywhere

- マーケットチャンスが高まればすぐに信頼できる通知を受け取れます
- いつ、どこでも24時間のモニタリング・アラートサービスを受けられます

Ryan Liew Director-Strategy and Business Development
Ryan Liew is Call Levels’ Director in Business Development & Strategy with proven successes in e-commerce, technology and capital markets. His past experiences included eight years of managing the institutional e-commerce franchise in Greater China as a Director in Barclays Capital & Citibank. He had also spent over eight years at Thomson Financial and Reuters with the responsibility of developing the financial information and electronic trading businesses in the region. With Ryan’s immense technical and business experience, Ryan has played an important role in helping Call Levels secure business partnerships internationally that are revenue-generating for the company.

Ryan Liewは、Eコマース、テクノロジー、キャピタルマーケットの分野で成功を収めてきたCall Levelの事業開発戦略部門のディレクターです。彼は、バークレイキャピタルとシティバンクでディレクターとして、中国でEコマースのフランチャイズを8年間管理した経験を持ちます。また、彼はその地域で金融情報とEトレードビジネスの開発の責任者としてThomson Financial and Reutersに8年以上在籍していました。彼は非常に豊富な技術とビジネスの経験を持ち、Call Levelの収益を上げる国際間のビジネスパートナーシップを実現するための重要な役割を担っています。

『Call levels』
Call levels