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Auto saving apps which can be close to financial service.


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The concept of this service is “Saving based on your daily activities.” Users, who have not been able to doing savings well, can save money more easily in daily life, based on pre-set some kinds of saving rules. In addition, it could contribute to usage promotion of any financial products and services such as loan and investment and so on, by displaying some recommendations and coupons according to each situation of savings and lifestyle, in collaboration with financial and any other industrial company.


Eihito Tamura  CEO
After graduated the University of Tokyo (Faculity of Engineering) in 1996, worked at Sanwa Bank (current the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ) for 7 and a half years. And then moved to livedoor co. and involved in start up of online trading business and establishment of a new online bank etc. In 2005, joined BitCash inc, major e-money company, as CEO and went on for 4 and a half years. Then after running my own consulting company, became IT Managing Director of PT Bank Mutiara, Jakarta in 2015. After that co-founded NestEgg inc as CEO on April 2016.

田村 栄仁 代表取締役社長
東京大学工学部卒業後、三和銀行入行。7年半の銀行業務を経てライブドアに入社。証券のネット事業立上げやネット専業銀行設立PJ等に従事した後、2005年に電子マネー大手のビットキャッシュ社代表に就任。その後コンサルティング会社設立等を経て、2015年インドネシアの銀行PT Bank MutiaraのIT Directorとしてジャカルタ勤務。2016年4月にネストエッグ社を共同創業、代表取締役に就任。

NestEgg, Inc.