Universal authentication interface for any type of smartphone


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We provide universal data communication interface for secure authentication on any type of smartphone. With combining visible light signal from screen and capacitive touch signal from Flashtouch device, the bi-directional data communication will be processed between any type of smartphone and Flashtouch device. 
With integrating Flashtouch to current authentication system, the service provider like digital payment, marketing and smart lock system can easily expand their service to almost all of smartphone users.


Yoichiro Hara CEO, Co-founder
B.Sc. & 10+ yrs of business experience in IT and marketing industry (3 times entrepreneur). Co-inventor of Flashtouch system.

原 庸一朗 代表取締役
2012年に株式会社マッシュルームを共同創業。Movida Japanより支援を受け、主にソーシャルギフトを活用したO2Oマーケティング事業を展開するが、そこで得られた顧客からのフィードバックを元にFlashtouch技術を開発

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