FraudAlert フロードアラート

Cloud-based Fraud Detection


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FraudAlert is a cyber security solution. It can detect fraud and identity theft based on users’ online behaviour. We developed our own risk detection engine, which can protect users from malicious access.


Atsuyoshi Shimazu Founder & CEO
Atsuyoshi has more than 15 years of experiences of business development and sales for the top tier internet companies in Japan. In 2005, Atsuyoshi joined Drecom as an enterprise sales leader, where he experienced IPO of the company. In 2010, he started working for Rosetta Stone Japan as the senior account executive. In 2014, he joined Capy Inc., a cybersecurity startup in Tokyo, where he worked as the senior director of Business Development. In 2015, he founded Coulis Inc. and became CEO.

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