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MOIN is a Blockchain-based global money transfer service. Traditional overseas remittance by commercial banks is based upon SWIFT system, and it causes expensive fees, slow transfer time, and incomprehensible fee structure. To solve these problems, MOIN has developed a remittance system based on Blockchain and crypto-currencies, which enables customers to transfer money faster and more convenient with lower cost. By using MOIN, customers can send their money 80~90% cheaper compared to banks. MOIN transfers funds within 1-24 hours and the money is traceable. MOIN is operating Korea-Japan and Korea-China remittance service and will move on into Southeast Asia countries soon.


Ilseok (Ian) Suh Founder & CEO
Ilseok Suh, Founder & CEO of MOIN, has a broad experience in software development, start-up investment, service planning, and business development. In the beginning, he was a software engineer at Samsung Electronics. Later, he changed his career into Venture Capitalist by working at SoftBank Ventures Korea. He also worked as Director of Investment at FuturePlay, a tech-centric early-stage investment company. Before founding MOIN, he developed Fintech services at Yello Financial Group working as Chief Strategy Officer. He got B.S. in Computer Science at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and M.S. in Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

ソフトウエア開発・スタートアップ投資・サービスプランニング・事業開拓など幅広い分野を経験後、Samsung Electronicsでソフトウエアエンジニアとして従事。
その後、SoftBank Ventures Koreaで投資資本家へ転身と同時にFuturePlayで投資部門のディレクターも務める。
現職の前にはYello Financial Groupに於いてFinTechサービスの立ち上げを戦略部門チーフとして担当。Carnegie Mellon Universityにてソフトウエア工学修士・Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technologyにてコンピューターサイエンス学士を取得。

MOIN, Inc.