Smartphone App providing Card & Barcode Payment



Paycock Co.,Ltd. has developed a smartphone app named as “PayGood”  providing a kind of “Integrated Mobile Easy Payment” including Plastic Card Payment and Barcode Payment such as WeChat pay, Alipay, without any hardware equipment or module. PayGood app can read Credit Cards’ information like Credit Card Number, Expiry Date using Smartphone’s Camera Function. However, for security reason, it does not save any image in Smartphone. It just reads the information and sends them to PG’s server after encryption.It will be useful for salesmen or deliverymen who have to meet their customers directly.

Paycock Co.,Ltd.はハードウエアを必要としないWeChat payやAlipayのようなバーコードやカードを用いたいわゆる”統合型モバイルアプリ決済”サービス、PayGoodを開発しました。クレジットカードの有効期限・ナンバーなどをスマートフォンのカメラで読み取りますが、データは一切のこりません。ただ読み取り暗号化されたデータはPayGoodのサーバに送られ、ユーザーから直接決済する配達員などしか閲覧できません。

Boram Kim Overseas Marketing Manager
Overseas Market Team Manager having many experiences regarding International Trading, Marketing and Exporting.


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