Playbasis Plugin (SDK) for Mobile Payments

Gamification and Instant Rewards for Financial Institutions


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Playbasis Plugins are extensions to existing mobile banking and mobile payment applications. We create games and loyalty reward experiences which drive much more increased transaction volume for mobile payments companies. Banks and telcom operators such as HSBC, DBS Bank, and Telenor group use our platform to drive more user engagement with their payment apps.

Playbasis Pluginsは既存のインターネットバンキングや決済アプリケーションへ拡張機能を提供します。ゲームと特典サービスを用いることにより決済代行企業へより多くのトランザクションを発生させます。HSBC, DBS Bank, Telenor groupのような回線業者・銀行は私たちのプラットフォームをつうじて自らの決済サービスのエンゲージメントを増やしています。

Robert Zepeda Chief Executive Officer
Robert Zepeda is the founder and CEO of Playbasis, a tech startup providing a cloud platform which drives user engagement and viral growth for brands, retailers, telcos, and banks using AR gaming and mobile gamification.
Officially incorporated in December of 2012, to-date the company has raised $2.6M USD in financing from leading regional and global investors.
Prior to Playbasis, Robert worked in the games industry for a decade as a product analyst, product manager, and game designer.