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QA Engine is an award winning question answering system


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QA Engine understands questions from users and extracts answers automatically using deep learning. It can be applied to help desk automation and answer support system as well as knowledge sharing etc.

QA Engineは、著名な国際会議で開催された人工知能のクイズコンペティションで優勝した高精度な質問応答システムです。ユーザからの自然文で書かれた質問を解析し、即座に回答を返答します。ヘルプデスクの効率化・自動化に加え、ナレッジシェアなどに応用できます。

Michiko Sakamoto  COO
Michiko specializes in business development in the high technology industry. She first studied computer science during her study at Harvard College as an exchange student. She first worked for Development Bank of Japan where she experienced project finance. Then she worked for Booz, Allen and BCG as a management consultant for high tech companies. Later she worked for NetService Ventures Group in Silicon Valley. She coincidentally bumped into Studio Ousia in 2015 and has been fascinated by its technology ever since.
She received her BA in law from the University of Tokyo and MBA from INSEAD.

阪本道子 取締役
東京大学法学部卒、INSEAD MBA。

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