An all-in-one application that manages user’s investments, expenditure and savings.

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Our service (SInX) is a mobile based application targeted for the Indian market, that helps its users to manage their day to day finances in a more systematic and efficient way. It aims at integrating the e-wallets and bank accounts of the user to get real time details about his financial assets in a single place.  This app also serves as a platform that holds the stock details of the user and provides him appropriate recommendations.


Sriteja Chilakamarri iOS Application Developer
Krishna Jayachandran iOS Application Developer

We Sriteja and Krishna, are final year undergrad students from India, who are passionate to explore new possibilities and develop exciting products. Our previous work includes research project under Prof. Klaus Mueller to develop a game to track food choices of young adults. After working with Frasen, we got a better insight about startup work culture. Currently, we are developing a Financial manager application (SInX)- An all-in-one platform for managing Savings Investments and eXpenses. We are very thrilled and excited to work with Finatext and contribute in expanding its reach to the Indian market.

SritejaとKrishnaは、インドの大学生(最終学年)で、新たな可能性を求め、魅力的な製品を開発することに情熱を持って取り組んでいる。以前はKlaus Mueller教授の下で若者の食の選択を記録するゲームの開発に関するリサーチプロジェクトを行っていた。Frasenと協働することで、スタートアップの仕事感についての理解につながった。現在、貯蓄(S)、投資(In)、支出(X)を管理するオールインワンのプラットフォーム(SInX)を開発している。Finatextと共同でインド市場への拡大に貢献できることに大変興奮している。

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