Biometric authenticated payment with loyalty management


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Touché is a biometric solution that is transforming how businesses and their clients interact. It provides a unique buying experience combining merchants’ membership and loyalty programmes and payments. This enables rewards and entitlements to be given automatically at the point of interaction. The merchant has access to the buying history of their clients and can create specific offers.

The user registers once and uses Touché globally. They can view the details and buying history across all their registered cards. With a simple touch, customers are provided with personalised services and offers making every interaction unique. No more cards, automatic rewards and total payment security.


ユーザーは一度の登録で世界中でTouché を使用できます。購入履歴・詳細を登録したカードを横断して確認できます。シンプルにタッチするだけで個人的かつ独自のサービスが受けられます。これ以上カードを作らなくても自動的に特典を受けられ安全な支払いが可能です。

Sahba Saint-Claire  CEO

With degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, Sahba had a very illustrious 27 year banking career. He has held senior executive positions at Westpac, JPMorgan, DBS, and Standard Chartered(SCB). In his last three roles in SCB, he was the:

Global COO for Origination and Client Coverage of the Wholesale Bank overseeing a $12b business with multiple levels of risk.

Global COO for Financial Markets overseeing a $6b business that grew by 200% in less than three years through the financial crisis.

Global CIO for Wholesale Bank overseeing all technology and operations of the bank globally.

主な経歴として、Westpac・JPMorgan・DBS・Standard Chartered(SCB)において上級役員を務める。SCBでの最後の3年で、彼はホールセールバンクのクライアントカバレッジのGlobal COOとしてさまざまなリスクをともなう、120億ドルのビジネスを監督していた。また、金融市場のGlobal COOとして金融危機の中、3年間足らずで業績を2倍に伸ばし60億ドルのビジネスを監督していた。さらに、ホールセールバンクのGlobal CIOとしてグローバルに銀行のITと運用業務を監督していた。

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