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TradeIt is a set of APIs and SDKs that enables stock trading experience in any app, website, chatbot or intelligent assistant. With TradeIt, you can trade stocks in the same apps where you do your financial research: such as StockTwits and


Nathan Richardson CEO & Co-Founder
Nathan Richardson is a well-known financial technology & digital entrepreneur.
Currently, he is building TradeIt ,Inc., a set of patent pending technologies that enable retail investing.
Nathan is best known for building, growing and leading Yahoo! Finance into the number-one online finance and business destination, he was named most influential by Institutional Investor.
Nathan served as the Head of Dow Jones Online, where he oversaw Marketwatch,, and several other vertical sites.

Yahoo! Financeを創設から業界1位まで引き上げたことで知られる同氏は企業投資家として名を馳せている。
また、Marketwatch,, などを監修するDow Jones Online社の代表にも従事。

TradeIt ,Inc.