Advanced Financial Assistant System in Retail Banking and Insurance


South Korea

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AIZEN provides a real-time AI financial platform, ABACUS, leveraged by expert knowledge and specialized know-how in AI and finance. ABACUS is specialized for retail banking and insurance, helping users automate key business value chains. Our automatic credit cycle control module allows banks to easily monitor, predict and control the entire personal loan portfolio in a single platform.
ABACUS has high scalability with an ease of expansion into other business applications, functions and portfolios.
Abacus is implemented in one of the largest banks in Korea, with $400B assets and $5B of personal loan assets primarily in 2017.


Jung Seok Kang
Jung Seok Kang is an expert in finance and IT with extensive experience at Citigroup for 10 years. Prior to Citi, Kang worked at the National Assembly overseeing the Ministry of Finance, Bank of Korea, Korea Development Bank and National Tax Service, and at LG CNS as an IT consultant. He was an early investor of Wipower, a wireless charging technology, which was later acquired by Qualcomm.
He studied at Seoul National University and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Kang received his MBA at Chicago Booth School, where he developed his first prototype of ABACUS. Today, he is an AI committee member of the Korean Government to create better finance using AI.

Jung Seok KangはファイナンスとITの専門家で、Citigroupに10年間従事。Citigroupに勤める以前、Kangは国会のファイナンスシステムを監督し、LG CNSではITコンサルタントを務めた。Kangは後にQualcomm に買収されたWipower (ワイヤレス充電技術)のアーリー投資家の一人。
Kangはソウル大学校や東京大学で外国語学を専攻。Chicago Booth SchoolでMBAを取得し、在学中にABACUSの最初のプロトタイプを開発した。現在は、韓国政府のAI委員会のメンバーとして、AIを用いたより良いファイナンスの実現を目指している。