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‘Know Your Customer’ and Infrastructure of Authentication / Authorization for financial services



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Systematic customer verification procedures are an essential element of risk management of financial services and are important for protecting reliability and soundness of services.
This is necessary not only to comply with the legal requirements for money laundering prevention but also from the viewpoint of broader soundness.
The KYC solution that we offer is not only limited to financial services but it is widely effective in all fields requiring customer acceptance, customer identity verification and risk management.


Yasunori Sugii
Since 1996, he has worked on the planning and development of distribution platforms such as internet media and digital contents as a professional in the Web/IT field, and has experience in multiple start-ups, including EC and digital content distribution companies.
In 2015, he founded CurrencyPort Limited for focusing on blockchains. He has accumulated achievements in business and collaborative research with major companies and governments, and advises the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; the Bank of Japan; the Japanese Bankers Association and others as an blockchains expert.