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BIZIT M&A is for all companies that want to ʺTRYʺ new business. Our service establishes a marketplace from all over the world, and enables anyone to easily invest, acquire, or sell businesses and assets for the “Next TRY.”
In developing countries, methods for M&A have yet to be established. BIZIT M&A helps to standardize the process.
Our service does not only show deal information, but also provides functions for deal management and negotiation under secure system architecture.

BIZIT M&Aは新しい事業に挑戦するためのサービスです。

Yusuke Tanno
After graduating from Waseda University, Yusuke entered Recruit Holdings. He received many awards and accolades, including MVP, Best New Player, and Top Performer Awards. After Recruit Holdings, Yusuke founded Tryfunds Inc., and has incubated strategy consulting business for new business development and advancing foreign markets, M&A advisory, and web services. In addition to Tryfunds, he is also on the board of other companies.