DiBiUpWishfull Inc.

Social Wallet for Social Commerce


South Korea

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DiBiUp is the perfect Fintech + social + e-commerce platform that provides fund management, simple deposit/withdrawal, communication and socialization, and group purchasing services.
Users can create groups/projects, manage group funds transparently, communicate across multiple groups and exchange information.


Tommy Lee
Tommy is General Manager / Director of Operations of Dibiup and leads all operations and business development. He has 10 years of Operations & Biz Dev. experience at TobeSoft, K&Group, Inplay, and Avalon Labs Inc.

ジェネラルマネージャー。ディビアップで事業総括を担当。長年、TobeSoft, K&Group, Inplay, Avalon Labs Inc.など、アメリカや韓国を拠点とするIT関連企業で事業開発&オぺレーションの業務に関わる。