Innovative mobile communication platform to monetize bank statements



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We believe personalized statements are the best, most direct, and most trustworthy communication channel for banks to engage with their customers. By knowing your customers’ profile and interests, you can not only provide personal featured account management but also strengthen customer relationships to improve user experiences.
Our products have:
– Interactive statements with transactional feature
– Financial product lifecycle management feature
– Campaign and content management feature
– Built-in e-commerce platform


Alex Lin
With 15+ years of professional services/solutions provider experience in the information and financial fields, successfully helps major banks to move into the FinTech era by elevating user services to the next generation. Alex began his career with PTC as senior project manager and a seasoned project executive at IBM. Along with comprehensive business development and client management experiences, Alex built his own business, a FinTech company, in 2015. With his expertise in FinTech knowledge and practices, Alex has also been invited as a lecturer to the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance.

AlexはITや金融の分野において15年以上に渡り、プロフェッショナルサービス/ソリューションプロバイダーとして従事し、次世代のユーザーサービスを創造することで、多くの銀行がFintech時代に移行するのを支援した。AlexはPTCのシニアプロジェクトマネージャーやIBMのプロジェクトエグゼクティブとしてキャリア積み、それらの包括的な事業開発及び顧客マネジメント経験から、2015年にFintech分野にて同社を創業した。Fintechに関する豊富な知識や経験を生かし、Taiwan Academy of Banking and Financeにおいて教鞭をとっている。