Gate.Leeways Inc.

Real Estate Tech by Artificial Intelligence + Big Data



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Developed a simulation system that estimates the future profit value of real estate using big data of 58 million independently-collected real estate transactions. Providing a highly transparent trading platform for the real estate trading environment by providing a highly accurate real estate analysis tool with artificial intelligence.


Shigenori Makiguchi
Started off as a newspaper delivery boy, then joined a Japanese investment real estate developer. Joined KPMG Consulting, one of the world’s Big Four accounting firms, as a business consultant. After earning his MBA, Makiguchi joined Tohmatsu Consulting, a Japanese audit firm. In 2005, he participated in the establishment of REISM, a real estate firm handling used properties, as Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In 2014, to aim for further industry reform, he established Leeways Inc. specializing in real estate IT and assumed the post of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).