Masato Kaneda

Mizuho Financial Group

Deputy General Manager

Masato Kaneda began his career at Mizuho Financial Group, one of the largest financial institutions in Japan, and now, as a Deputy General Manager, leads the Digital Innovation Department, a company-wide initiative focusing on leveraging new technologies to develop innovative business services and financial products. His team works as a central hub across key functions at Mizuho to develop new digital platforms that can be leveraged to improve customer service. Specifically, he is looking into how to access emerging and established fintechs to leverage their ideas and state-of-the art technologies as part of Mizuho’s digital innovation strategy.
During his 20-year career at Mizuho, Masato has gained extensive business development experience both in investment and retail banking. Prior to the Digital Innovation Department, he worked in the Hong Kong offices where he was responsible for corporate and investment banking. While in the Tokyo office, he gained experience in project finance, acquisition finance, M&A, derivatives, fintech, new banking and payment schemes.
He holds a BA in Political Science and Government from Waseda University and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management.

金田 真人


デジタルイノベーション部 オープンイノベーションチーム 次長

みずほフィナンシャルグループでキャリアをスタート。現在は、デジタルイノベーション部 次長として、最新技術を活用し、グループ全体の革新的なビジネスやデジタルプラットフォームの開発をリード。みずほグループでの20年以上のキャリアで、投資銀行業務からリテールバンキング業務に至るまで、広範囲にわたり事業開発を経験。デジタルイノベーション部の前は、香港でコーポレートバンキング業務および投資銀行業務に従事。東京では、プロジェクトファイナンス、買収ファイナンス、M&A、デリバティブ、フィンテック、新しいバンキングや決済など、多様な業務を担当。