Big Data & Analytics using A.I.MyFinB Holdings Pte Ltd

AI analytics that translates financial statements into in-depth narrative analysis



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MyFinB is a big data and analytics company using AI that helps translate financial data such as financial statements and bank data into narrative insights. It helps decision makers evaluate risk and return proposition by looking at current balance sheet health and future scenarios that may impact its current position. It also lists down recommended action steps using its AI engine and takes proactive steps to address future scenarios before they occur.


Nazri Muhd
Nazri has more than 20 years of experience in AI analytics with exposure in the public and private sectors, where he has successfully developed performance attribution models and impact measurement systems to uncover trends and insights. At MyFinB, he leads the analytics team and is primarily responsible for design architecture, development, and implementation of AI-driven solutions for clients.
Previously, he has held research and investment positions at Citibank and Prudential Asset Management. Later he was headhunted to join Fitch Ratings as the Associate Director (Financial Institutions) where he was responsible for the credit ratings of more than 30 banks in Asia.

合計20年間、AI関連事業に関わった。大手外資系金融機関でのクウォンツとクレジット分析経験を生かして、数々の民間企業、公共団体に対してAIによる実証分析モデル(performance attribution model)とインパクト測定システム(impact measurement system)を開発した。MyFinBにおいてAIアナリストチームの責任者として、モデルの開発から運用まで携わる。