NoPassword offers IAM with human and hidden multi-factor authentication



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NoPassword offers the next generation of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that substitutes passwords with Human and Hidden Multi-Factor Authentication (H2MFA). Instead of using static passwords, NoPassword uses local biometric authentication (Face, Voice, Fingerprint, Iris and Behavior) on the user’s smartphone then extracts hidden features from the phone, without interrupting the user. NoPassword Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven authentication also offers adaptive and contextual authentication for continuously authenticated the user based on behavior, risk based, and granular access management. NoPassword does not store any credentials (passwords or biometrics) on a centralized database nor requires users to manually enter credentials.


Homa Saleh
Homa Saleh is the Vice President of Business Development at NoPassword. She has extensive experience in strategic business development and building partnerships, as well as creating strong sales channels. Now a veteran in the cybersecurity space, she has lead NoPassword presence in various verticals across the world, including financial, insurance, healthcare, technology, retail and manufacturing industries. Homa has directly supported NoPassword partners to bring innovative technologies such as NoPassword IAM into their existing infrastructures to prepare them for the new era of cyber security. Homa studied at Oxford University and received a PhD from George Mason University.

Homa SalehはNoPasswordの事業開発部副部長。Homaは戦略的な事業開発やパートナーシップの構築、強力なセールスチャネル構築に関し豊富な経験を持つ。現在はサイバーセキュリティ分野のリーダーとして、NoPasswordのプレゼンスを金融、保険、ヘルスケア、テクノロジー、小売や製造業等、世界各国・業界横断的に高めている。HomaはNoPasswordのアイデンティティ管理ソリューション(IAM)に代表される、革新的なテクノロジーを顧客の既存のインフラに導入し、次世代のサイバーセキュリティに備えさせることで、NoPasswordの顧客を直接的にサポートし続けている。HomaはOxford Universityを卒業し、George Mason University.においてPhDを取得している。