SoundpaysSoundpays Inc.

Soundpays uses ultrasonic sound wave technology to enable transactions



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Soundpays technology creates a new commerce channel: one that eliminates friction between impulse and purchase and directly connects the user to any source of advertising. This takes “mobile payments” beyond store-based POS readers to a true mobile landscape, whilst materially improving on user convenience. At the same time, the technology profoundly impacts current advertising models by allowing advertisers to provide actionable offers from within their ads, understand which viewer profiles are inclined to respond to the ads (in search of supplemental information or calls to action), and, of course, realize product sales directly from their advertising content.


Steve Doswell
Steve is a well-recognized Canadian tech executive who has served as CEO, COO, EVP and SVP with both early-stage companies and large enterprise corporations in Canada and abroad.
Steve has been a co-founder or a founding team member of three Canadian technology start-ups where he was responsible for the Business Development role.
Steve’s enterprise background includes roles as COO of AOL Canada and GM of Ericsson Canada. Most recently, Steve was the CEO of First Information Security Inc. of Dubai, UAE.

大企業では、AOL CanadaのCOO、Ericsson CanadaのGMを歴任し、直近は、UAE ドバイにあるFirst Information Security Inc.のCEOであった。