STREAMSmartplus Ltd.

This application makes a stock exchange more attractive to users



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The trading procedure on a stock exchange, in which traders acquire, analyze and interpret various information and then execute transactions, has not progressed for decades. ʺSTREAMʺ is an application to simplify this traditional process. Using collective intelligence, the app makes it easier to interpret stocks by automatically selecting necessary data from excessive information. Applying a natural language processing technique helps create a smooth transition to a transaction screen. This application offers stock-exchange opportunities to users, especially Millennials and/or digital natives.


Ryota Hayashi
After graduating in economics from the University of Tokyo in 2008, Ryota Hayashi started his career at Deutsche Bank’s London Global Market Division in equity algorithm trading system development. He engaged in institutional client sales mainly in equity-related products for three years. Later, he joined Singapore/London/Tokyo-based hedge funds in charge of Europe/Asia clients, and founded Finatext Ltd, a mobile Fintech solutions company, in 2014.

Electronic Trading System部門を経て、Global Equity部門にてロンドン、ヨーロッパ大陸全域にて機関投資家営業に従事。2013年より国内ヘッジファンド大手のGCIに参画。1年で同社の海外ビジネスを急拡大させた後、2014年Finatextを創業。