Startbahn, Inc.

Art Blockchain Network

Blockchain base infrastructure that connects numerous Art-related services


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Service Description

Art Blockchain Network is a Blockchain base infrastructure that is willing to connect all the Art-related services globally. It is covering “traceability of artworks and managing secondary distribution,” designed to trace and add history to the blockchain certificate across different art-related services – not only Art Auctions and E-commerce, but also Authenticity appraisal service, Insurance service and Museums and more -. It also lets you easily control secondary distributions, such as region control and reselling restrictions. Influential stakeholders in Japan are promising to join. It is now on the testnet and should be internationally launched before summer, 2019.


Taihei Shii
Taihei Shii is a CEO of Startbahn, Inc. and also a contemporary artist. Born in 1977, Taihei has spent his childhood in the USA. After graduating from Tama Art University, Department of Painting in 2001, as an artist, he has been creating artworks related to “The Art of the Age of the Internet,” exhibiting at both real and virtual spaces. He had first presented the basic idea of startbahn to the public in 2006, and then acquired patents in Japan and the United States. Obtained a Master degree of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo in 2016.




施井 泰平