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Healing IoT from security flaws and vulnerabilities through secure updates


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Service Description provides a blockchained secure update solution for machine-to-machine (M2M) commerce and the Internet-of-Things (IoT), for both the embedded device controller (edge devices) and for server-side device applications in the cloud. Today, unpatched vulnerabilities on IoT devices provide an attach vector for malicious actors and a door opener for vulnerabilities such as DDoS attacks, ransomware, hacking and data theft. Updating unsecure M2M commerce and IoT systems is analogous to applying medicine to sick patients. There is a growing need for continuously healing infected or unsecure devices in the Internet of Things


Norbert Gehrke
A former Managing Director in Technology at Goldman Sachs and Barclays, Norbert Gehrke is an active investor and advisor in the fintech ecosystem, assisting startups and incumbents to apply transformative technologies. In addition to, he advises Advanced Blockchain AG (Germany’s first publicly listed blockchain company), Tontine Trust (annuity & retirement solutions) and Hero Group (micro-lending in South-East Asia). Norbert is also the founder of the Tokyo FinTech Meetup, a community of 2,000+ individuals, an Adjunct Lecturer at New York University SPS and Instructor for Universita Lumsa’s Master in FinTech and Innovation.




Norbert Gehrke
Goldman SachsとBarclaysの元技術担当マネージングディレクターであるNorbert Gehrkeは、フィンテックエコシステムの積極的な投資家兼アドバイザーで、新興企業や既存企業の変革的テクノロジーの適用を支援している。asvin.ioに加えて、ドイツ最初のBlockchain上場企業であるAdvanced Blockchain AG、年金および退職金関連ソリューションであるTontine Trustおよび東南アジアでのマイクロローンHero Groupへアドバイスを行っている。Norbertは、2,000人以上集まるTokyo FinTech Meetupの創設者でもあり他にもニューヨーク大学School of Professional Studiesの非常勤講師、Universita Lumsaの修士課程においてフィンテックとイノベーションの講師を務めている。