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Blockchain payment

Blockchain payment of fiat currency amongst the Wallets


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Service Description

DL Digital Wallet is a digitalized wallet on the blockchain which may be connected to mobile payments such as PayPal, bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards (“PayPal”).
User of DL Digital Wallet will navigate from the Wallet application to a PayPal flow where they can make a connection and transfer fiat currency into the Wallet.
The customers of DL Digital Wallet will receive and send money through QR code at minimal cost.
With the ability to cash-out, you can send money back from the DL Wallet to your PayPal account.
We also use two step verification through OTP.


Ikuya Izumi
Senior Blockchain Consultant
Ikuya joined DLT Labs in November, 2018 as Senior Blockchain Consultant. Prior to DLT Labs, he worked as Data Scientist to give advice for several companies. He also had a long experience in the finance industry. He worked for quantitative model driven asset management company after he had worked for a Japanese mega bank where he started his professional career. Ikuya holds MS in computer science from Columbia University, NY, USA.




泉 征弥
シニア ブロックチェーン コンサルタント
大手国内金融機関、米系資産運用会社を経てデータサイエンス、ブロックチェーンのコンサルティングを行い、2018年11月に上級ブロックチェーンコンサルタントとしてDLT Labs へジョインしました。コロンビア大学大学院にて修士号(コンピュータサイエンス)を取得しています。