CoverGo Limited


Award-winning tech platform for online insurance distribution via APIs

Hong Kong

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Service Description

CoverGo is an award-winning modular platform that helps companies to digitize and grow their insurance business. We enable traditional insurers, brokers and bancasurance partners to distribute products via any online channel at lightning speed via APIs. CoverGo provides end-to-end solution including instant pricing, product comparison, underwriting engine, online applications, policy issuance, claims and whitelabel frontend portal to help companies automate distribution and cross-selling.


Tomas Holub
CEO & Founder
Tomas is the CEO and Founder of CoverGo.
CoverGo is an award-winning tech platform that enables insurance and broker companies to create, manage and distribute insurance products faster than ever before.
Prior to starting CoverGo, Tomas worked on insurance and banking consulting projects at Pwc London and also managed operations of an insurtech startup in Singapore. Overall, Tomas worked in 15 countries across 3 continents and obtained 4 master degrees in risk management, international business, public and business administration.Tomas is a frequent speaker at conferences, mentor of fintech startups and an active contributor to the insurtech and fintech community.




Tomas Holub
CEO & Founder
TomasはCoverGoの創業者兼CEOです。CoverGoはこれまでとは異なる保険サービスを届けるインシュアテックのサービスです。CoverGoを創業する前、TomasはPwC Londonにて保険と銀行のコンサルティングプロジェクトに従事したのち、シンガポールにてインシュアテックのスタートアップを経営していました。Tomasは三大陸15カ国で仕事をしてきました。さらに、リスクマネジメント・国際ビジネス・公共政策・経営管理について4つの修士号を修了しました。Tomasはカンファレンスでの多数の登壇経験を有し、フィンテック・スタートアップのメンターを務めます。さらに、インシュアテック及びフィンテックのコミュニティにおいて積極的な貢献を果たしています。