Mr. Masakazu Masujima

Attorney-at-law, Partner at Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
FINOVATORS Founder & President

Masa provides M&A and corporate governance/regulatory consulting for financial institutions, and helps them accelerate their open innovation initiatives.

Leveraging his carrier with a world renown Silicon Valley law firm, Masa has been trying to create the collaborative value with both start-ups developing innovative business models and established companies aiming redefining their businesses with strategic alliance.

Masa also has an experience working with Financial Services Agency of Japan as compliance legal head of insurance division and deputy director at bank division. He is known as the most prominent and reliable lawyer within venture capitals/start-ups community in Japan. He was ranked in Chambers Asia Pacific 2017 as best lawyers in Japan at Insurance section.

Mr. Makoto Shibata

Executive Fellow at Japan Digital Design, Inc.
Academic Visitor, St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford
FINOVATORS Incorporator

Before taking his current position at JDD, innovation arm of MUFG, in 2018, he was leading MUFG Bank’s R&D initiatives in emerging technology and planning of online/mobile financial services since 1998, involved in a wide range of projects in new channels for both retail and wholesale customers. His previous career starting in The Bank of Tokyo includes Corporate Planning, Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Retail Customer Services.

He took part in judge panel for various innovation competition, including EFMA-Accenture Innovation Awards.

He holds Bachelor of Economics from University of Tokyo and Master of Science in Development Economics from University of Oxford.

Ms. Mio Takaoka

CFO, Member of the Board, Medicalnote, Inc.
FINOVATORS Incorporator

She is CFO and Directo of Medicalnote, Inc one of the largest healthtech startups in Japan. Prior to that she was Managing Director at Monex Ventures, Inc., Monex Group’s corporate venture capital arm, as well as having been at Goldman Sachs Japan Co. Ltd. and Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co. Ltd. (formerly, Morgan Stanley Japan Limited), after graduating with a degree in Natural Sciences (Physics) from the University of Cambridge. She has been selected as one of the Fintech Asia 100 leaders in 2016 and 2017.

Mr. Hisanori Ogawa

Director of Strategy research Office at Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
FINOVATORS Vice-President

He was appointed to his current position on February in 2016. He previously worked at Nomura Research & Advisory Co., Ltd. and engaged into research and support for IT start-ups for 10 years as an analyst in charge of an unlisted company. Prior to joining the company, he leads the project of Data Modeling of financial products, large system development, and consulting corporate planning in IT, after graduating from the Politics Department, Political Science and Economics Faculty of University of Waseda in 1996.He wrote 560 company reports, involved in dozens of IPOs.

Mr. Takahisa Ohira

Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co.,Ltd.
Platform Division Director

Takahisa started his career at a IT consulting firm, where he provided consulting services for large financial intuitions. As the leader of new business development division, he launched 6 new businesses and turned a subsidiary media company around.

With his strong network with both Japanese Fintech startups and executives of financial institutions, he supports startups (in various fields such as FinTech, media, video, EC sectors) and provides business development consulting service towards large corporations at Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support.

He is not only an expert of financial industry and IT including blockchain technology, but also of ideation, planning and execution of new business.

Takahisa gave keynote speeches at many Fintech events and participated in various pitch events as a judge.

増島 雅和氏

森・濱田松本弁護士事務所 パートナー弁護士
一般社団法人 金融革新同友会 FINOVATORS 代表理事


柴田 誠氏

Japan Digital Design株式会社 エグゼクティブフェロー
オックスフォード大学 セントアントニーズカレッジ 客員研究員
一般社団法人 金融革新同友会 FINOVATORS 発起人

経理部、名古屋支店、企画部を経て、1998年より一貫して銀行の金融IT関連の先端技術・ビジネスの調査・研究・開発に従事、2018年デジタル企画部のプリンシパルアナリストを最後に三菱UFJ銀行からMUFG内のイノベーション推進を担うJDDで現職に就任。多くの海外コンテストにも関与しており、EFMA-Accenture のInnovation Awardsでは創設以来審査委員を務めている。

高岡 美緒氏

株式会社メディカルノート 取締役 CFO
一般社団法人 金融革新同友会 FINOVATORS 発起人

1999年英国ケンブリッジ大学自然科学部物理学科卒業。ゴールドマン・サックス証券会社、モルガン・スタンレー証券(現モルガンスタンレーMUFG証券)などを経て直近のマネックスグループではマネックスベンチャーズにてコーポレートベンチャーキャピタルの運営を担当。現在は、医療系ベンチャーのメディカルノート取締役CFO。2016年、2017年将来アジアのフィンテックを担う100人の一人としてFintech Asia 100 Leadersに選出される。

小川 久範氏

みずほ証券株式会社 戦略調査部 ディレクター
一般社団法人 金融革新同友会 FINOVATORS 副代表理事


大平 貴久氏

プラットフォーム事業部長 Fintechリーダー
一般社団法人 金融革新同友会 FINOVATORS メンバー

独立系ITコンサルティングファームにて、金融サービス企業(クレジットカード、証券、消費者金融)に対するコンサルに従事。その後、国内雑誌出版社へ出向し、2年間に6事業を立ち上げる。2015年デロイト トーマツ ベンチャーサポート株式会社に入社。IT技術&金融業界への知見と新規事業創出経験を活かし、ベンチャー企業支援と大企業向け新規事業開発コンサルティングを提供。日経FinTech、週刊ダイヤモンド、FIT2015など執筆、登壇多数。多くのビジネスコンテスト審査員も務める。