Executive Fellow, Japan Digital Design, Inc.
Academic Visitor, St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford
Incorporator, FINOVATORS

Until Sep. 2018, Mr. Shibata was leading MUFG Bank’s R&D initiatives in emerging technology and planning of FinTech initiatives, innovation, and online / mobile financial services. He worked in the digital banking area for 20 years and he was involved in a wide range of projects in both retail and wholesale customers. His previous career in banking, starting at The Bank of Tokyo, includes Corporate Planning, Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Retail Customer Services.
From Oct. 2018, he has become Executive Fellow of JDD, innovation entity of MUFG. At the same time, he moved to UK to be Academic Visitor at University of Oxford.
Mr. Shibata is an active speaker on various topics, including Payment, Channel Management, Mobile Finance, Innovation and FinTech in many conferences, including for Bank of Japan, Tokyo Stock Exchange, BAI, EFMA, Gartner, Celent, MIT, Money 20/20, Finovate, Singapore FinTech Festival and SWIFT. He has also served as a judge panel for various innovation contests, including EFMA-Accenture Innovation Awards, Future Ideas, and FIBC.
He has been involved in FinTech community in Tokyo from the early days and became an incorporator of Finovators, pro bono mentor group, to support fintech hub, Finolab Tokyo.
He holds a Bachelor of Economics from University of Tokyo and a Master of Science in Development Economics from University of Oxford.

柴田 誠

Japan Digital Design株式会社 エグゼクティブフェロー
オックスフォード大学 セントアントニーズカレッジ 客員研究員
一般社団法人 金融革新同友会 FINOVATORS 発起人

デジタル関連のエキスパートとして決済・チャネル・イノベーション・フィンテックなどの幅広いテーマについて日銀、東証、BAI、EFMA、ガートナー、セレント、MIT、Money20/20、Finovate、シンガポールフィンテックフェスティバル、SWIFT等に登壇している他、複数のイノベーション関連コンテストにも関与しており、FIBCの他、EFMA-Accenture のInnovation Awardsでは創設以来審査委員を務めている。