Moneythor Pte. Ltd.


Helping banks deliver personalised and contextual recommendations to their customers


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Service Description

Moneythor provides banks a data-driven engine to help them deliver personalised, contextual, and actionable recommendations to their customers.
Unlike other solutions focusing either on analytics or on customer experience, the Moneythor solution bridges the gap between the production of actionable analytics and its delivery to customers. This unique ability enables any bank to deploy data-driven recommendations to its customers within a very short time frame, and with a smooth integration into both its core banking systems and its existing digital channels.
Our clients are mainly large global banks including DBS, HSBC, Standard Chartered, and ANZ, and traction has been accelerating.


Olivier Berthier
CEO, Co-Founder
Olivier Berthier is the CEO and co-founder of Moneythor. He is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in banking technology and entrepreneurship, including experiences in a global bank’s technology operations, the founding, chief executive role and successful sale of a fintech company focusing on corporate online banking software and senior management positions in a leading global application and services provider for the financial services industry. Olivier holds a MSc degree in computer science and applied mathematics from ENSIMAG in France.


Moneythorは、パーソナライズされた、状況に応じた、実用的な提案を顧客に提供するのに役立つデータ駆動型エンジンを銀行に提供します。 アナリティクスやカスタマーエクスペリエンスに重点を置いた他のソリューションとは異なり、Moneythorソリューションは実用的なアナリティクスの作成とその顧客への提供との間のギャップを埋めます。 この独自の機能により、どの銀行でも、非常に短い期間内に、顧客のデータ駆動型の推奨事項を、主要な銀行システムと既存のデジタルチャネルの両方にスムーズに統合して展開できます。お客様はDBS、HSBC、スタンダードチャータード、ANZなどのメガバンクで、リーディングカンパニーとして業界を牽引しています。


Olivier Berthier
CEO, Co-Founder