TRAction Fintech

Trade Reporting

Assist financial firms with regulatory trade and transaction reporting

Australia, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Singapore

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Service Description

TRAction is a provider of regulatory trade reporting solutions to financial services businesses dealing in OTC derivatives and other financial products which require transaction reporting for the ASIC, EMIR and MiFIR regimes.TRAction acts as a third-party reporting service between regulators and financial firms by extracting information, processing and enriching the data to meet the input requirements and remitting the data to repositories and regulators on a daily basis. Best execution monitoring services have also been launched recently to assist those with MiFIR obligations under RTS27 and RTS28.


Sophie Gerber
Sophie is a director of TRAction, a RegTech firm which focuses on OTC derivatives transaction reporting for Australia and Europe.  She has a strong understanding to effectively engage with not only large financial organisations but also with small businesses. Sophie has an in-depth knowledge of compliance and legal obligations for financial services businesses having vast experience in the financial services sector. Sophie continually works with a range of companies in the financial services industry, including OTC derivatives brokers.


TRActionは店頭デリバティブ取引における日常業務の解決策を提供します。ASIC, EMIR, MiFIRの規則により、取引の記録が求められるその他の金融商品についても対応しています。TRActionは規制者と金融機関との間に入り、第三者としてサービスを提供します。条件を満たすために情報を抽出・加工します。最近の事例では、RTS27及びRTS28のもとでMiFIRのために管理サービスを実施しています。


Sophie Gerber