Unikeys Biometric Hardware Wallets

Unikeys is a universal provider of blockchain payment solutions

Hong Kong

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Service Description

Unikeys introduces a frictionless user experience incentivizing individuals, merchants, SMEs and larger enterprises whether they are banked or unbanked, to feel comfortable interacting within blockchain powered ecosystems.
At Unikeys we believe hardware wallets are meant to be highly transportable, safe and easy to use. Unikeys’ UKey smart hardware wallet card is making it possible to take secure cryptocurrency payments anywhere. The use of a biometric protection on the UKey card improves the reliability of identification and establishes the most secure way to store and spend cryptocurrencies.


Alexandre Tabbakh
CEO and Co-Founder
Alexandre is a Fintech and Blockchain expert committed to facilitate access to digital assets for all. With deep knowledge on derivatives from his experiences in major financial institutions (Société Générale, JP Morgan), Alexandre has been working with different Fintech startups designing blockchain-based workflows and pilots. As an active member of the blockchain ecosystem in Asia, he has delivered numerous talks about the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.




Alexandre Tabbakh
CEO and Co-Founder
すべての人にデジタル資産へのアクセスを容易するFintechとBlockchainの専門家。金融機関SociétéGénérale、JP Morganでの経験から金融に関する深い知識を得て、さまざまなFintechスタートアップと共同でブロックチェーンベースのワークフローとパイロットを設計してきた。アジアのブロックチェーンエコシステムの積極的なメンバーとして、彼はブロックチェーンと暗号通貨の台頭について数多くの講演を行っている。