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Insurance with a personal touch via smartphone



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Smartphone Insurance by justInCase provides coverage in case a smartphone is broken. Smartphone Insurance is Japan’s first-ever insurance product provided by an app with AI technology. The insurance premium is optimized for individuals using AI. Your premium will likely be extremely low if you have never broken your phone. Even if you frequently crack your phone, it is still possible to get a cheaper premium if you treat your phone more carefully.


Kazy Hata
After spending several years at American actuarial consulting firm Milliman, Kazy worked at global investment banks, including JPMorgan and Nomura, where he provided risk management and product development services to insurers. Kazy specialized in in derivative, reinsurance, product development, and M&A advisory solutions for insurers in Japan.
Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries Japan, Associate of Society of Actuaries. Bachelor of Science (Kyoto University).
Programing: VBA / Swift / Python / Ruby

justInCase創業者&代表。保険数理コンサルティング会社Millimanで保険数理に関するコンサルティングに従事後、国内外の投資銀行及び再保険会社から保険会社向けに、商品開発・リスク管理・ALM等のサービスを保険会社向けに提供。 プログラミング: VBA / Swift / Python / Ruby. 日本アクチュアリー会正会員。 米国アクチュアリー会準会員。京都大学理学部卒(2004)