The communication environment for consumers has been dramatically changed by things like the Internet, cloud computing, smart phones and tablet PCs. This has brought innovation to a whole variety of industries, including venture capital companies, where consumer services have become highly convenient, and inexpensive.

The financial industry, which is said to be a regulated industry, is no exception. Venture companies in the US and Europe, have continued to launch new consumer and people-oriented services with the support of venture capital. Some of these services have provided a certain influence on financial markets. In addition, major financial institutions have incorporated such influential financial services into their own businesses in cooperation with venture companies. This is the ecosystem for the creation of so-called “financial innovation.”

By contrast, in the Japanese financial services market, it is structurally difficult to make innovation happen. In Japan, there are fewer entrepreneurs and less venture capital to support them in the financial business field, so it is difficult for financial companies and entrepreneurs to develop and cooperate in a dynamic way. As a result, there are few examples of venture capital companies that have gone beyond the existing framework to launch new services.

The Financial Innovation Business Conference (FIBC), explores what is needed in order to bring innovation to the Japanese financial services market. Financial innovation companies, venture capital and financial institutions come together for discussion, with presentations and lectures by innovative companies and experts. This conference is the only event in Japan which is specialized in the innovation of financial fields. It has been held since 2012.




金融イノベーションビジネスカンファレンス(Financial Innovation Business Conference、FIBC)は、金融イノベーション企業、ベンチャーキャピタル、金融機関が一堂に会し、日本の金融サービス市場にイノベーションをもたらすために何が必要であるかを、金融イノベーション企業によるデモンストレーションや有識者による講演を通じて議論していく試みです。金融分野のイノベーションに特化した日本で唯一のイベントとして、2012年から開催しています。